Clemmer Group

Determining structure in large low-symmetry molecular systems


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The Clemmer group is involved in a wide variety of interconnected research projects. The Venn diagram above attempts to show some of this overlap, and more information can be found by clicking any of the broad topics within each circle.

A major area of interest to our group is protein structure. Although the "native" solution structures of many proteins are known, little is known about how denatured forms fold into the native state. This is because isolating and determining structures for a large number of solutions-phase intermediates is difficult. We are approaching this problem quite differently by studying the structures of naked proteins in the gas phase. Although it seems unlikely that proteins in the gas phase will have structures that are identical to those found in solution, it is straightforward to separate gas-phase intermediates and follow the dynamics associated with folding.

Current Group Members and Alumni

It is important to remember that the research projects completed within the group are done by real people. With that said, it is important to consider the people that comprise the group. Information about the current members of the group can be found here. Furthermore, infomation about the current state of our many alumni can be found here. If you are one of our many alumni and would like to have your work and/or current research group highlighted here, please contact the webmaster.

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Group Travel and Conferences

The group maintains an active membership with in the scientific community, including attendance and presentation at a variety of high profile conferences. We also strive to balance our extensive in-laboratory work with an assortment of extra-curricular social events as well. A full listing of our worldly academic travels can be found by clicking on the map below, and selected images from our travels can be found here.

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